A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Role

In a legal system where the accused is assumed innocent until proven guilty, at least on paper, a criminal defense attorney plays a vital role. These lawyers work to prove that their clients are innocent of any accused crime. Often these lawyers get a bad reputation because they are seen as defending those guilty of crimes. While this may sometimes be the case, not all accused individuals are, in fact, guilty, and these attorneys play a vital role in protecting your individual rights. 

A criminal defense attorney looks at all aspects of a case to try to prove that someone accused of a crime is innocent. Sometimes they are able to prove innocence based on obvious facts, such as proving that the individual had an alibi at the time of the supposed crime. Other times they find that insufficient evidence to convict their clients was presented, and thus their clients are able to be assumed innocent. This keeps innocent people from being wrongly accused and ending up behind bars or even death row for a crime they did not commit. 

When a criminal defense attorney takes on a client, he or she will hire investigators to look into the specifics of the case. The first step is to determine whether or not the client is telling the truth about his innocence. If the client appears innocent, then the lawyer will work to prove that in court so the client can go free.

If, on the other hand, the client is guilty, then the lawyer has to work with the client to offer a plea bargain or get a fair conviction. For example, if an individual is guilty of killing another individual, but it occurred because the accused was defending himself, then the guilty party should get a lesser sentence than someone who killed another individual in cold blood. The lawyer’s job is to ensure that an individual is given just punishment for a crime if the individual is, in fact, guilty. 

For the accused individual, the criminal defense attorney provides another valuable service. These individuals help their clients by explaining the law and what punishments they can expect for a particular crime. They can help their clients understand the benefits of a plea bargain or why they should plead guilty if they are guilty. They can assist their clients in learning more about the potential punishments for their crimes, and what they can do to make those punishments less drastic. 

Because of this role, criminal attorney Lakeland is a vital player in the modern day legal system. These lawyers ensure that innocent people are not wrongly punished and that those who are guilty are exempt from unjust punishment. If you find yourself facing charges for a crime, whether or not you committed it, take the time to enlist the help of a qualified, experienced lawyer. This will ensure that your trial is fair and just and any punishments you receive are in line with the crime committed. 

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